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void QtAbstractPropertyManager::initializeProperty ( QtProperty property ) [protected, pure virtual]

This function is called whenever a new valid property pointer has been created, passing the pointer as parameter.

The purpose is to let the manager know that the property has been created so that it can provide additional attributes for the new property, e.g. QtIntPropertyManager adds {QtIntPropertyManager::value()}{value}, {QtIntPropertyManager::minimum()}{minimum} and {QtIntPropertyManager::maximum()}{maximum} attributes. Since each manager subclass adds type specific attributes, this function is pure virtual and must be reimplemented when deriving from the QtAbstractPropertyManager class.

See also:
addProperty(), createProperty()

Implemented in QtGroupPropertyManager, QtIntPropertyManager, QtBoolPropertyManager, QtDoublePropertyManager, QtStringPropertyManager, QtDatePropertyManager, QtTimePropertyManager, QtDateTimePropertyManager, QtKeySequencePropertyManager, QtCharPropertyManager, QtLocalePropertyManager, QtPointPropertyManager, QtPointFPropertyManager, QtSizePropertyManager, QtSizeFPropertyManager, QtRectPropertyManager, QtRectFPropertyManager, QtEnumPropertyManager, QtFlagPropertyManager, QtSizePolicyPropertyManager, QtFontPropertyManager, QtColorPropertyManager, QtCursorPropertyManager, and QtVariantPropertyManager.

Referenced by addProperty().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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