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QtPointFPropertyManager Class Reference

The QtPointFPropertyManager provides and manages QPointF properties. More...

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Public Slots

void setDecimals (QtProperty *property, int prec)
void setValue (QtProperty *property, const QPointF &val)


void decimalsChanged (QtProperty *property, int prec)
void propertyChanged (QtProperty *property)
void propertyDestroyed (QtProperty *property)
void propertyInserted (QtProperty *property, QtProperty *parent, QtProperty *after)
void propertyRemoved (QtProperty *property, QtProperty *parent)
void valueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QPointF &val)

Public Member Functions

QtPropertyaddProperty (const QString &name=QString())
void clear () const
int decimals (const QtProperty *property) const
QSet< QtProperty * > properties () const
 QtPointFPropertyManager (QObject *parent=0)
QtDoublePropertyManagersubDoublePropertyManager () const
QPointF value (const QtProperty *property) const
 ~QtPointFPropertyManager ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual QtPropertycreateProperty ()
virtual bool hasValue (const QtProperty *property) const
virtual void initializeProperty (QtProperty *property)
virtual void uninitializeProperty (QtProperty *property)
virtual QIcon valueIcon (const QtProperty *property) const
QString valueText (const QtProperty *property) const

Private Member Functions

 Q_PRIVATE_SLOT (d_func(), void slotDoubleChanged(QtProperty *, double)) Q_PRIVATE_SLOT(d_func()

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

The QtPointFPropertyManager provides and manages QPointF properties.

A point property has nested x and y subproperties. The top-level property's value can be retrieved using the value() function, and set using the setValue() slot.

The subproperties are created by a QtDoublePropertyManager object. This manager can be retrieved using the subDoublePropertyManager() function. In order to provide editing widgets for the subproperties in a property browser widget, this manager must be associated with an editor factory.

In addition, QtPointFPropertyManager provides the valueChanged() signal which is emitted whenever a property created by this manager changes.

See also:
QtAbstractPropertyManager, QtDoublePropertyManager, QtPointPropertyManager

Definition at line 433 of file qtpropertymanager.h.

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