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QtSizePolicyPropertyManager Class Reference

The QtSizePolicyPropertyManager provides and manages QSizePolicy properties. More...

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Public Slots

void setValue (QtProperty *property, const QSizePolicy &val)


void propertyChanged (QtProperty *property)
void propertyDestroyed (QtProperty *property)
void propertyInserted (QtProperty *property, QtProperty *parent, QtProperty *after)
void propertyRemoved (QtProperty *property, QtProperty *parent)
void valueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QSizePolicy &val)

Public Member Functions

QtPropertyaddProperty (const QString &name=QString())
void clear () const
QSet< QtProperty * > properties () const
 QtSizePolicyPropertyManager (QObject *parent=0)
QtEnumPropertyManagersubEnumPropertyManager () const
QtIntPropertyManagersubIntPropertyManager () const
QSizePolicy value (const QtProperty *property) const
 ~QtSizePolicyPropertyManager ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual QtPropertycreateProperty ()
virtual bool hasValue (const QtProperty *property) const
virtual void initializeProperty (QtProperty *property)
virtual void uninitializeProperty (QtProperty *property)
virtual QIcon valueIcon (const QtProperty *property) const
QString valueText (const QtProperty *property) const

Private Member Functions

 Q_PRIVATE_SLOT (d_func(), void slotIntChanged(QtProperty *, int)) Q_PRIVATE_SLOT(d_func()
void slotEnumChanged (QtProperty *, int)) Q_PRIVATE_SLOT(d_func()

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

The QtSizePolicyPropertyManager provides and manages QSizePolicy properties.

A size policy property has nested horizontalPolicy, verticalPolicy, horizontalStretch and verticalStretch subproperties. The top-level property's value can be retrieved using the value() function, and set using the setValue() slot.

The subproperties are created by QtIntPropertyManager and QtEnumPropertyManager objects. These managers can be retrieved using the subIntPropertyManager() and subEnumPropertyManager() functions respectively. In order to provide editing widgets for the subproperties in a property browser widget, these managers must be associated with editor factories.

In addition, QtSizePolicyPropertyManager provides the valueChanged() signal which is emitted whenever a property created by this manager changes.

See also:
QtAbstractPropertyManager, QtIntPropertyManager, QtEnumPropertyManager

Definition at line 669 of file qtpropertymanager.h.

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