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QtVariantPropertyManagerPrivate Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

QtVariantPropertycreateSubProperty (QtVariantProperty *parent, QtVariantProperty *after, QtProperty *internal)
int internalPropertyToType (QtProperty *property) const
void removeSubProperty (QtVariantProperty *property)
void slotConstraintChanged (QtProperty *property, const QRect &val)
void slotConstraintChanged (QtProperty *property, const QRectF &val)
void slotDecimalsChanged (QtProperty *property, int prec)
void slotEnumChanged (QtProperty *property, int val)
void slotEnumIconsChanged (QtProperty *property, const QMap< int, QIcon > &enumIcons)
void slotEnumNamesChanged (QtProperty *property, const QStringList &enumNames)
void slotFlagChanged (QtProperty *property, int val)
void slotFlagNamesChanged (QtProperty *property, const QStringList &flagNames)
void slotPropertyInserted (QtProperty *property, QtProperty *parent, QtProperty *after)
void slotPropertyRemoved (QtProperty *property, QtProperty *parent)
void slotRangeChanged (QtProperty *property, const QSize &min, const QSize &max)
void slotRangeChanged (QtProperty *property, int min, int max)
void slotRangeChanged (QtProperty *property, const QSizeF &min, const QSizeF &max)
void slotRangeChanged (QtProperty *property, double min, double max)
void slotRangeChanged (QtProperty *property, const QDate &min, const QDate &max)
void slotRegExpChanged (QtProperty *property, const QRegExp &regExp)
void slotSingleStepChanged (QtProperty *property, int step)
void slotSingleStepChanged (QtProperty *property, double step)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, double val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QSize &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QString &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QLocale &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QPoint &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QChar &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QRect &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, bool val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QCursor &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QTime &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QDate &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QKeySequence &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QPointF &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QFont &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QSizePolicy &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QColor &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QRectF &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QDateTime &val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, int val)
void slotValueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QSizeF &val)
void valueChanged (QtProperty *property, const QVariant &val)

Public Attributes

const QString m_constraintAttribute
bool m_creatingProperty
bool m_creatingSubProperties
const QString m_decimalsAttribute
bool m_destroyingSubProperties
const QString m_enumIconsAttribute
const QString m_enumNamesAttribute
const QString m_flagNamesAttribute
QMap< QtProperty
*, QtVariantProperty * > 
const QString m_maximumAttribute
const QString m_minimumAttribute
QMap< const QtProperty
*, QPair< QtVariantProperty
*, int > > 
int m_propertyType
const QString m_regExpAttribute
const QString m_singleStepAttribute
QMap< int, QMap< QString, int > > m_typeToAttributeToAttributeType
QMap< int,
QtAbstractPropertyManager * > 
QMap< int, int > m_typeToValueType

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 343 of file qtvariantproperty.cpp.

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